Consignment Details:

-      Receive 40% on the final earnings of all items that sell 

-      Bring a valid form of identification

-      Consignment is by appointment only. Send us an email and we’ll schedule an appointment

-      Our location is 1118 12thSt SE, Suite 3, Salem, OR 97302. Enter the big blue door and we’re the first door on the right

-      Everything must be clean

-      Consignments will be held for 90 days - 6 months depending on the selected time frame 

-      We will do our best to sell your items at the highest price possible, but we can’t guarantee a final sales price on any items

-      We can guarantee that you’ll receive no less than what we would have paid for the item

-      Items may be sold in a discounted bundle with other items. In this case, you’ll receive 40% of the “weight” that your item contributes to the bundle. 

o  For example: 

o  4 items are sold and 1 of those items are yours. The 4 items earned a total of $100. 

o  The 4 items had been priced at $15, $15 (your item), $60, and $60 

o  Your item contributed $15/$150 = 10% of the $100

o  $100 x 0.10 = $10 x 0.40 = $4.00 total take home for the consigner